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custom cloud solutions

Transform your business with scalable, cross-platform, cloud-based applications.

Our Philosophy

At Cloud Composed, we believe in excellence in all we do.

Our developers have a wide breadth of experience, which allows us to deliver solutions using a multitude of technologies and cloud-platforms.

We heavily emphasize understanding the business domain and an iterative, customer-centric design phase prior to development.


Contact us to discuss one of our services directly or browse our available services on Fiverr.


We will design, create, host and maintain your company’s website for you.

✓ WordPress and Other Site Builders

✓ E-Commerce (Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.)

✓ Custom-built and Hosted Websites including AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Heroku, Vercel, Railway, etc.

Mobile Apps

We will help you get your very own app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

Our apps are cross-platform, scaleable and custom built to your specifications.

✓ iOS

✓ Android

Custom Solutions

Do you need something unique? We offer all kinds of custom solutions. Some examples are:

✓ APIs & Databases

✓ Web-scrapping Applications

✓ Software Integrations

✓ And Much, Much More!



From time-to-time we have products for sale. These typically include pre-built templates, websites, or other software-related products. 

Our current products are always listed on Gumroad. Contact us to inquire about our products or follow us on Gumraod to get notifications about special deals and new products.

Plumbing Website
For Sale

This Plumbing Website can be updated to be branded for your business. It is SEO optimized and ready for lead generation.

Check it out: Papillion Plumbing Pros

REST API Template
For Sale

Are you developing a REST API that needs API key authentication? Do you want to speed up your development time? Here at Cloud Composed, we have a template just for you. Our REST API Template with API Key Auth allows developers to skip all the complicated setup and have something ready for deployment.